The name
A flywheel is one of the oldest and most common mechanical devices in existence. This simple tool can store massive amounts of energy and let it out over a sustained period of time or in a short, intense burst. This model reflects our approach, whether we are helping clients get their message out to the world or learn what their customers and constituents have to say.

Flywheel Communications began in a “green” office building in a redeveloping mixed use neighborhood within Vermont’s capital city. Our windows looked out at the Winooski River and one of Montpelier’s former granite sheds. When the COVID era arrived, I moved the business to my home office. The company’s name continues to pay homage to Vermont’s industrial history and the innovations that keep it competitive today.

The owner
I’ve been involved with communication for my entire working life. This includes experience in radio announcing and production, freelance writing for local and national publications, public relations, video, and photography. I served as Public Information Director for the Vermont Arts Council for eight years, led a campaign to build public support for a bond to fund major improvements to the local high school, and was appointed town rep for the Central Vermont Solid Waste District. I was even called on to manage a natural food store for awhile.

For much of my career I’ve been involved with nonprofit organizations—as staff, board member, volunteer, and consultant. Some of this work was instrumental in introducing and popularizing the terms “cultural heritage tourism”, “climate economy”, “digital economy”, and “creative economy” in Vermont.

I live near Montpelier with my wife Sandy. Our son and daughter-in-law live and works in Brooklyn, NY and our daughter is currently in England. I continue to learn a lot from them about the importance of clear communication.

I’m happy to furnish a complete resume on request. A client list and work samples are available throughout this web site.


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