A partial list of Flywheel Communications projects and clients.

Project Director for VCRD’s Vermont Council on Culture and Innovation (VCCI). The year-long project resulted in a report on how to advance Vermont’s Creative Economy.

Flywheel prepared the final report and DVD to wrap-up VCRD’s Creative Communities Program.

Flywheel's ongoing work with VCRD has included coordinating the public outreach for the Future of Vermont initiative, the e-Vermont Community Broadband Project, Vermont's Working Landscape, and the Climate Change Economy Summits.

Flywheel spearheaded the media outreach related to the Button Up Vermont workshops that were held throughout Vermont.

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Button Up 30 radio PSA (mp3)
Button Up 30 video PSA (Quicktime Movie) — Coming soon!
The Noonmark Reader

Flywheel assisted VFC with communications planning, introducing its new director to Vermont, and promoting an Open House to unveil its new building.

View Sample: Vermont Folklife Center article

Flywheel’s year-long communications planning and coordination led to a successful member vote approving the Coop’s expansion proposal. Flywheel continues this relationship with various member outreach projects.

View Sample: Coop Building Proposal Guide

Former Project Manager for annual reports. Continuing services include periodic writing and editing as well as media outreach.

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VCF Basic Needs 1
VCF Basic Needs 2

Morgan Stanley selected Flywheel to interview and develop written profiles for members of its Stotz Carris Group in Burlington.

While CERF searched for a full-time Public Relations Manager, it asked Flywheel for help in producing an e-newsletter and press releases.

View Sample: E-newsletter

Project Manager for selected publications.

View Sample: Flynn Annual Report 1999

Writer for various NASAA publications, including Partners. This monograph highlighted model projects sponsored by state arts agencies around the country and was directed at Congressional staff members and other policy makers.

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NASAA Arts and Science
NASAA Rural Arts

Editor for grant reports from throughout the northeast region.

Cultural Heritage Tourism Project Manager and historical research.

View Sample: Arts Letter - Cultural Tourism

Flywheel served as communications advisor on its successful bond vote and subsequently developed a Board and faculty communications plan.

View Sample: U-32 headline

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