Flywheel Communications can help you develop your message and reach your audiences through a variety of media. We can also suggest ways to personalize your web site and other online outlets using your voice, images, and the latest production tools.

Copy Writing
Looking for someone to write newsletters, scripts, annual reports, or magazine articles? Is there a special organizational milestone in the wings that needs a commemorative keepsake? Flywheel has the experience.

Audio, Video and Slide Production
Images and sound can be powerful, especially when used in combination. Narrated slide shows or podcasts for your web site and social media pages, public service announcements for radio, or shows for distribution on public access TV are some of the innovative ways Flywheel will help you inform and engage your audience.

Sometimes you need a solid background before you can move forward on a project. Flywheel can conduct on-line research and personal interviews, as well as sift through your archives to pull out relevant information to the topic at hand.

There is probably no one who knows your subject better than you. Unfortunately, that includes your intended readers. Flywheel offers a fresh set of eyes for your document, website, or manuscript, before it goes out. Together we’ll make sure your words clearly convey their intended meaning.


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