Special projects and initiatives are exciting, but can become a drain for existing staff members who are asked to implement them in addition to their other responsibilities. Often it’s worth considering contracting for some, or all, of the anticipated work. Flywheel takes on many temporary assignments as Project Director and works closely with your organization to ensure their successful completion.

Publications and Digital Media
In addition to providing the content, Flywheel can coordinate all the production aspects of annual reports, commemorative keepsakes, and other printed and digital material. This includes assignments and timelines for your staff, as well as working with graphic designers, photographers, web developers, and printers.

Public Policy
Flywheel has spearheaded several statewide public policy initiatives. These are marked by grassroots organizing, informing the public about issues, listening to public opinion, summarizing comments, coordinating an advisory board, and presenting a final report with a recommended plan of action.

Cultural Heritage Tourism
In pre-Flywheel times I was responsible for developing a seminar series to help Vermont communities understand and promote cultural heritage tourism. Over 150 people, representing more than 25 towns and cities, participated.

Creative Economy
Flywheel served as Project Director for a 25 member task force charged with researching the creative economy in Vermont. Its report contained recommendations to federal and state agencies and elected officials on advancing this sector.


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