The opinions and collective knowledge of your members, constituents and customers provide you with a priceless resource. Involving them in a meaningful way takes time, but leads to better informed and more successful decisions.

A well run and organized meeting leaves participants feeling energized and focused. Whether you’re hosting small discussion groups, public meetings, or working sessions of the Board of Directors, the time should be well spent. Flywheel will work with you, in advance, to identify goals and develop agendas. We can also facilitate the meetings as needed.

Forums and Discussion Groups
Direct conversations are an excellent way to find out what people are thinking. Are you in an initial phase of identifying issues and concerns or looking for reactions to a draft proposal? Do you want a large meeting or a small group? Flywheel can help you pinpoint the right audience and structure to assure your time yields useful information.

Flywheel brings people together in a variety of ways, and helps get the word out about the discussions.

If you don’t ask the right questions, the answers may not be very helpful. Flywheel can sort out what you want to learn, and make sure you avoid pre-determining the results.


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