Media coverage for your events and projects can be extremely useful when you are trying to reach new audiences. Print, radio, television and digital outlets are looking for ideas, but how you frame your story for them is a key factor in getting the right kind of exposure. Flywheel can help you find and tell that story, and make sure you are reinforcing it through your own social media channels.

Media Outreach
Flywheel maintains an extensive list of media contacts around Vermont and the region. By knowing whom to contact, and when, we can improve your chances of getting the story you want at the optimal time. This includes radio interviews, feature articles, TV coverage, calendars, and more.




Campaign Summary

Communication Planning
Your publications, web site, social media platforms, appeal letters, press interviews, and comments at meetings all help define your organization to the public. Flywheel can help you take a step back from the day-to-day deadlines to think about how these pieces fit together, and whether they are working in harmony to provide a clear and consistent message.

Identity Campaigns
Raising the profile of your organization is a common topic at Board meetings and is often identified as a goal in strategic plans. Flywheel can help you analyze your current situation and recommend how to broaden and enlarge your base.

Flywheel helped the Vermont Folklife Center introduce its new director, and gain broader exposure for its work.


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